“Hokokuji” where you can enjoy delicious Japanese tea and beautiful bamboo forest.

The bamboo forest.

The bamboo forest is cooling, you know?

And it’s the feeling that seems to come out to a “Kaguya hime” (the Japanese old tale).

There is the place where you can drink “maccha green tea” near the bamboo forest.

It is the spot that you can enjoy some Japanese culture.

If you’re wearing “yukata”, you can enjoy the Japanese summer.

However, worship time is slightly early until 16:00, so please be careful.

[ Information ] ■Worship time :
9:00-16:00(Maccha green tea reception until 15:30)
Closed from 12/29 to 1/3
2-7-4, Joumyouji , Kamakura City , Kanagawa
■TEL: +81-467-22-0762
■URL: http://www.houkokuji.or.jp/english.html
■Access: Nearest station JR Yokosuka line Kamakura station.( About 55-min by JR Yokosuka Line from Tokyo Station to Kamakura Station)
1. Taxi : About 7-min
2. Rail: 30-min walk from Kamakura Station
3. Keikyu bus:
12 minute ride by Keikyu bus (bus number鎌23) from JR Kamakura station to Jomyoji bus stop. 3 minute walk from the bus stop.
■Worship charge: Admission fee 200 yen, Matcha (with sweets) 500 yen
■Wi-Fi: None
■Credit cards: Cash only
■Language assistance: English booklet
■Menu language: Japanese only

Maccha green tea (image)  Drinking a "Maccha green tea" with "yukata"