[Special movie : “Kingyo-sukui”]

Today’s special movie is “Kingyo-sukui” (goldfish scooping).

Now, the summer festivals are held in all over Japan.

At the Japanese festival, there are many stalls. It’s called “Demise”.
For example, food, drinking, children’s activities, and so on.
Among them, “Goldfish scooping” is a traditional activity from the Edo era.

“Goldfish scooping” is using a tool called “poi”. It is the scooping goldfish from the water tank.

“Poi” is small paddle for goldfish scooping. It is made by the thin and vulnerable paper.
Usually, “poi” is easily broken before you don’t catch a goldfish. But some experts can catch goldfish.

You will be able to bring the scooped goldfishes.

Do you challenge at the time of the festival?