[Studying Japanese: “Support“ in Japanese]

[Studying Japanese: "Support“ in Japanese]

Good evening! It was the new week.
Thank you for reading always!

Let’s study the “the word of Support” in Japanese today!
About “support” in Japanese, there are a lot of expressions.
I chose the words to use often this time.

Here we go! lesson!

To use by daily life often..
・”Ganbare!” (Go for it!)
・”Gan batte kudasai” (Please do your best!)
“Please do your best” is used to superior person.

Words specifically used for support for exercise.
・”Makeruna!” (Do not lose)
・”fure-! fure-!” (Hurrah! Hurrah!)

When you meet entertainers.
・”Itsumo ouen shiteimasu”.
(I always support you. / I’m rooting for you.)

When you make support (or encourage) kindly.
・”Muri shinaide ne” (Take it easy. / Don’t overdo it.)
・”Yoku ganbatta ne” (You did your best well.)

“Ganbare” is a phrase that you really use frequently.

It’s easy Japanese, so you’ll try it out!