[Today’s Japanese word “Sakura-saku”]


Today’s Japanese word “Sakura-saku” (A cherry tree blooms).

“Sakura-saku” is the telegram sentence used for announcement of the result of the examination of a university. It is a very famous word in Japan.

In 1956, the student used the telegram in those days.
So, they will know the results of the university which they took an entrance examination for early.
Sending telegram for “announcement of the result of the examination of a university” was mainly part-time job by students in those days. However, there were many mistakes.
Therefore, the university and the telegraph company cooperated and decided to send the telegram about the result.

This system was used first in Waseda University. At Waseda University, a telegram in case of passing the entrance examination is “Sakura-saku”.
And, in the case of unsuccessful, “Sakura-chiru” (The cherry-blossoms fall).

It came to be used in other school, too.
And gradually each university started to use a special telegram.

Now, it is rare using the telegram.
But “Sakura-saku” is still a word to be cherished.

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