[ Today’s Japanese word “Yokai” ]

Statue of "Tengu"

Today’s Japanese word “Yokai” (ghost or Apparition).

“Yokai” is supernatural monster, handed down from ancient Japan.
“Yokai” is also called as “Mononoke,” “Ayakashi”, “Mamono”.
Three major “Yokai” representing Japan is a “demon”, “Kappa”, “Tengu”.

“Yokai” is born from the all the gods and goddesses in Japanese spirits.
In every era, they think to be supernatural about the things they do not understand. It is called the “Yokai”.

“Yokai” is also appeared in the folk history.
“Oni” (Demon) and “Tengu” is famous.
Others, Japanese believe that is old animal or old object has been transformed.

By the way, do you not think that “Yokai” does a bad thing?
There is auspicious good “Yokai”, for example, “Zashiki-warashi”.
The house where “Zashiki-warashi” lives in is said to prosper.
But, they become poverty immediately when “Zashiki-warashi” disappears.

There are also a lot of comics and books about “Yokai” in Japan.
The cartoonist of “Shigeru Mizuki” wrote the “Gegege-no-Kitaro”.
“Yakumo Koizumi” (Real name : Patrick Lafcadio Hearn) has gathered the story of the “Yokai” in Japan in the book called “Kaidan”.

Do you want to meet a “Yokai” ?

”Kappa”  Statue of "Gegege-no-Kitarou"