[Japanese word “shunbun-no-hi”]

Early spring of "Fukujyu-so" (adonis)

Today’s Japanese word “shunbun-no-hi” (Spring Equinox Day).

“Spring Equinox Day”‘s day and it’s night is same length.
We think, it was the mysterious phenomenon caught the ancient human mind!

“Spring Equinox Day” is one of the Japanese national holiday.

From long time ago, people had decided the day as the day to celebrate the coming of spring.
Meiji era, “Spring Equinox Day” defined “Spring koreisai” (the Vernal Equinox festival), they enshrined there ancestor in palace.
That became the reason why it has been a national holiday even among the general public.

By the way, “Spring Equinox Day” is one of the holiday of law in Japan.
This day is “the day to praise nature, and to make an effort for the future” .

So, how do we determine the “Spring Equinox Day”?

“Spring Equinox Day” is determined by the “Reki youkou” (calendar Guidelines). “Reki youkou” is published by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan on February 1 of last year to create.
And it published by the Japanese Official Gazette, it will be the formal decision.

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Spring is coming!  It's comfortable spring!