[Today’s Japanese word “Sado”]

“Sado” (tea ceremony)

Today’s Japanese word is “Sado” (tea ceremony).

Do you know “Sado”?

“Sado” is to treat “matcha” (powdered green tea) with the traditional style.

In “Sado”, difficult Japanese is often used. For example, “Wabi” “Sabi”. “Wabi” and “Sabi” are Japanese unique senses of beauty. These words mean “Beauty within simplicity”.

“Wabi” in “Sado” means “Beauty from simplicity”.
“Sabi” means the beauty from serenity.

By the way, in “Sado”, there is very famous person. His name is “SEN no Rikyu”.
“SEN no Rikyu” is a famous master of “Sado” during the Azuchi-momoyama era. He invented “Wabi-cha” which became the origin of modern “Sado-mind”.

He also introduced “Shiki shi-chi soku” (四規七則). It is the rules of “Sado”. “Shiki” (四規) refers to the mind of “Wakei sei-jyaku” (和敬清寂). “Wa”, “Kei”, “Sei” and Jyaku” are the basic mind of “Sado”. It is important to soothe the guest’s mind in tea ceremony.

“Shichi soku” (七則) are the seven rules of “Sado”. It refers to the seven attitudes of entertaining guests.

“Sado” is Japanese hospitality mind.

The tools of “Sado”  "Azumaya" (tea room) is beautiful from simplicity and serenity.