[Studying Japanese: Homonyms “Hashi” version]

Homonyms "Hashi" version

Good evening! It was the new week.
Do not catch a cold?

Well, There are many “homonyms” in Japan.
Today, let’s study about “Hashi”, one of homonyms!

There are three representative meanings in Japanese “Hashi”.

1) 橋 “Hashi”
This is the meaning as the “bridge” which spans a river.
ex.) “Nipponbashi” is the “Hashi” (bridge) which spans “Nipponbashi river”.

2) 箸 “Hashi”
This is the meaning “chopsticks” as one of the tableware.
ex.) Do you eat ramen with “Hashi” (chopsticks)?

3) 端 “Hashi”
It is meaning of the “edge” of the desk etc..
ex.) I hit the “Hashi” (edge) of the desk.

How is it?
It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!