[Japanese traditional sweets : “Uiro” ]

"Uiro" mixed red beans.

“Uiro” is a kind of the Japanese sweets.
“Uiro” is a Japanese sweet made of rice powder.
It looks like an elongated brick, and its color is white, green, black, brown, etc.. But it has a chewy texture.

“Mochi” (rice cake) is also a food made of rice, but “mochi” is made by pounding steamed rice grains. “Uiro” is made by mixing ground rice and sugar, etc. with hot water and then steaming the mixture in a mold.

“Dango” (rice dumpling) is also made by steaming rice flour with hot water, and has a mouthfeel like “Uiro”, but “Uiro” contains more various food materials. “Dango” is usually rounded and sprinkled with roasted soybean flour or smeared with soy sauce on the outside. But “Uiro” is made by mixing red beans, brown sugar, tea powder, and etc before or while mixing with hot water.

There are many types of molds for “Uiro” but the most common is an elongated rectangular parallelepiped shape.

“Uiro” is produced all over Japan. Particularly famous “Uiro” is locally produced in Nagoya, Odawara (Kanagawa), Ise (Mie) and Kyoto.

Various "Uiro"