[ NAOJ (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) Mitaka campus – Tokyo FREE spot 6 – ]

Beautiful starry sky.

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) is the national center of astronomical research in Japan.
They have the most advanced observing facilities in the world. As an interuniversity research institute, they promote the open use of these among researchers throughout Japan, as well as encourage flexible international cooperation.
NAOJ aims to promote the development of astronomy, and the related fields of science.

The Mitaka Campus is the headquarters of NAOJ in Tokyo.
This institute promotes astronomical research of Japan and holds regular events and open campus as the open research institute.

And NAOJ has some institutes in Japan and Hawaii.
Such as, Mizusawa Campus in Iwate, Nobeyama Radio Observatory in Nagano, Ishigaki-jima Astronomical Observatory in Okinawa, and Subaru Telescope in Hawaii Island.

[ Information ] National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mitaka campus
■OPEN: 10:00 – 17:00
■Address: 〒181-8588
2-21-1, Osawa, Mitaka-city, Tokyo.
■TEL: +81-422-34-3600
■URL: http://www.nao.ac.jp/en/
15 minutes by bus from JR “Chuo Line” “Musashi-sakai station” “South exit”.

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