[ Japan of April ]

Became in April

Became in April.

Japanese people feel very new mood in April.

What kinds of events will be there in April?

1) April Fool (4/1).
April Fool’s Day has been popular all over the world.
Of course, we enjoy in Japan, too.

2)The entrance ceremony, the initiation ceremony.
Japan’s school year and many company’s new year begin in April.
So, in April we hold the entrance ceremony and the initiation ceremony.

3) “Ohanami” (cherry-blossom viewing).
In April, the cherry blossoms are full bloom in all over the Japan.
A lot of people enjoy the party while watching many flowers in the parks.

4) Showa’s Day (4/29).
This day is one of the holiday from the previous, which was named “Emperor Showa’s birthday”.
However, Emperor Showa was passed away. So that name changed “Greenery Day”.
The reason is do not seem to forget the times called Showa.

In April, it begins to bloom a lot of flowers.

Let’s enjoy the spring in April!

The entrance ceremony, the initiation ceremony  "Ohanami" (cherry-blossom viewing)