[ Japanese necessities “Surgical mask” ]

The consumption of the mask in Japan is the number one in the world.

I want to introduce Japanese necessities “surgical mask” today.
We introduced an article of the other day, but a lot of pollen is in the air in Japan of this time.
More than 20 million people suffer from hay fever in Japan. So they cannot miss a mask. And me, too.
The mask made in Japan blocks the mine dust not to mention pollen well. And there are various kinds of masks sold by using and preference.

There are various kinds of mask.
For example:
・Three-dimensional mask with a wire
A merit that makeup doesn’t fall, isn’t hard to breath and so on.
・Black mask
“Bamboo charcoal” powder is combined.
There are deodorization and sanitization effect.
・The design of the animal’s mouth are printed.
Also kid’s size mask and the cloth mask are sold, which you can wash again and again.

For hay fever measures and the cold wind prevention, some people have the mask of the favorite.

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It is packed one by one and is clean.  A mask is sold in a box.