"Kurobe Dam"

The “Kurobe Dam” is 186 meter height. It reserves 200, 000, 000 cubic meters water. It’s so big!
There are hydraulic power generation. It has 1, 000, 000, 000 kwh generating capacity a year.

The “Kurobe Dam” stands between Toyama prefecture and Nagano prefecture. It took 7 years from 1956 for construction. It is well-known as the stage of Japanese movie “Kurobe-no-taiyo”.

They discharge water for tourist June 26 ~ October 15 every year.
They discharge water over 10 cubic meters every second. It’s so powerful. It’s so fantastic.

You can have valuable experience here. You can take the tunnel trolleybus (Just only here in Japan) and get ropeway with beautiful scenery.
And you can take pleasure boat tour.

There are some hiking courses and trekking courses.
You can enjoy nice view every season.

And you should try to eat “Kurobe Dam” curry.
It’s famous specialty food at restaurant in “Kurobe Dam”.

[ Information ] Kurobe Dam
Usually April 16 ~ November 30
Ashikuraji, Tateyama-machi Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama Pref.
■TEL: +81-261-22-0804
(from Tokyo)
1) Get on “Hokuriku Shinkansen” from “Tokyo Station” to “Nagano Station”.
2) Get on the bus to “Oogisawa”.
3) At “Oogisawa”, get on the tunnel trolleybus.

"Kurobe Dam" in early summer.  ropeway with beautiful scenery. discharge water over 10 cubic meters every second!