[Wisteria is Japanese beautiful flower on late spring / “Toba” sewage treatment plant @Kyoto ]

"Fuji-dana" (wisteria trellis)

Do you know flower “Fuji”?
It is very popular among Japanese during 2000 years. Fuji (western wisteria) is told the ending of spring and the starting of summer. This flower grow large as tree vines. And it grows outdoors at the roof named “Fuji-dana”. “Fuji-dana” will make the shade.

Then there are popular Fuji-dana at some temples and shrines. The colors of Fuji flowers are purple and red purple, white. Small flowers gathered, and brilliantly hanging down from the branches in the cone-shaped like a bunch of grapes.

While showing a humorous appearance, the flower blooms about a week in the end of spring. One by one of the flower is very small, but grace.

You are able to enjoy beautiful wisteria flowers and wisteria trellis in the southern outskirts of Kyoto. The place is “Toba” sewage treatment plant (Water environment preservation center). It opens only a few days at end of April, only for a limited time of this wisteria.
120 meters of wisteria trellis is surprised and impressed your heart. The good smell is invited comfortable atomosphere!

[ Information ] “Fuji-flower” @ “Toba” sewage treatment plant
10:00-16:00 (public opened only 4 or 5 days of Spring)
Umenoki 1, Kamitoba Tonomori, Minami-ku, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-661-3755
During opened days for Fuji, limited directly bus is operated from “Kyoto” station.

Fuji  the flower is very small "Fuji-dana" (wisteria trellis)  120 meters of wisteria trellis