[ “Yourou ushi onsen” / “Karamatsu-no-yu” @ Hokkaido]

Hot spring is located along the mountain stream.

“Yourou ushi onsen” is a hot spring in Nakashibetsu town, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido.
It is located along the mountain stream, and there are many inns having the outdoor bath. You can take a bath while hearing the flow of the river.

Much quantity of water gushes out, and, for its high temperature (the source is more than 80 degrees Celsius), there are many inns supplying hot spring by gravity-feed irrigation.

In the hot-spring resort, three hotels exist. There are the “Hotel Yorou-ushi” (opening in 1930), “Fujiya” (opening in 1965), and “Yu-yado Daiichi” (opening in 1972).

Also, outdoor mixed bathing “Karamatsuno-no-yu” exists around the entrance of the hot-spring resort. It is free.

The discovery of hot spring is considered to be about 300 years ago. The people of Ainu used it then.

As the Showa era begins, “Shibetsu” field is developed. So bathers in the hot spring increase now.

With beautiful scenery and dishes in “Yourou ushi onsen”, we are able to fully enjoy the Hokkaido.

[ Information ] “Yourou ushi onsen”, “Karamatsu-no-yu”
■Open: 24hours/ open throughout the year (except winter)
■Admission fee: Free
Inside National forest, Yourou ushi, Nakashibetsu-town, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido
*Please take a hotel near around the “Karamatsu-no-yu”
From Tokyo, “Haneda” (By airplane)
1) Take flight to “Nemuro Nakashibetsu” airport (about 1hour 40 minutes flight)
2) Ride on Taxi from “Nemuro Nakashibetsu” airport to “Karamatsu-no-yu” (about 30 minutes riding)

"Karamatsu-no-yu"  It's free hot spring. If you are lucky, you can see Japanese owl "Shima fukurou" around the hotel.