[ Japanese word “Yutanpo” ]

"yutanpo" is used by children

Today’s Japanese word is “Yutanpo” (Hot water bottle).

Japan’s winter is cold.
In cold day, we use an air-conditioner or a stove to warm the air.
However, how do you warm in the bed?
Of course, bedding is also an important factor for our life.
This tool become warm more easily and reasonable.

The name of the tool is “Yutanpo”.

This is the bottle of plastic resin and metal, it uses only hot water.
This “Yutanpo” has a variety of sizes.
For example, large size is about 3L, small size is about 150ML, etc.
Small size of it seems to enter your pocket.

“Yutanpo” is ECO very much. Because “Yutanpo” uses only the boiled water.
And it is safe without becoming the fire, because “Yutanpo” do not use electricity or the gas during use!
Furthermore, “Yutanpo” isn’t dry or dirty the indoor air.
And carrying around the beddings is simple, because “Yutanpo” doesn’t use the electrical cord.
But, “Yutanpo” is very hot, it need a dedicated cover. If you’re not careful, you make the low-temperature burns.
When children use it, you should use the “yutanpo” into the low temperature hot water, it is safety.
“Yutanpo” was used in the Muromachi era .
At that time, it was made of pottery.
In the Taisho era, those were made of metal.
Recently, plastic is the mainstream.
When you don’t have “Yutanpo”, you can also substitute with plastic bottles.
The plastic bottle is used the very thick cover. So you might get burned, you are very carefully.

plastic "yutanpo"  Hot water into "yutanpo"