[Today’s Japanese word “Kaki-zome” ]

Today’s Japanese word is “kaki-zome” (New Year’s writing).

“kaki-zome” is one of the new years events. It means the drawing ceremony in the first time of new year. We draw the picture or characters by the writing brush.

Usually, “kaki-zome” is held on January 2nd.
“Kaki-zome” may also be called “kissho” (吉書) , “shihitsu” (試筆), “hatsu-suzuri” (初硯), “fude-hajime” (筆始).

Originally it was the ceremony held in the Imperial Court. However, it spread out to the common people after the Edo era.

Well, on January 5th every year, the “All-Japan kaki-zome competition” will be held at “Nippon Budoukan” (Chiyoda, tokyo). It is said that about 4, 000 people will gather.
This has become one of the New Year’s seasonal news.