[Study Japanese word : Various Japanese names (family edition)]

Study Japanese word : Various Japanese names (family edition)

Good evening! It was the new week. Did you spend Monday well?

I’ll study Japanese word today!
This time, it is “Various Japanese names” (family edition).

In Japan, the name of one’s family changes at an official occasion or the casual place.

Here we go! lesson!

<One’s father>
・Official occasion : Chichi
・Casual place : Otou-san, Tou-san
・For children to use : Tou-chan, Papa
・Man of the adult : Oyaji

<One’s mother>
・Official occasion : Haha
・Casual place : Okaa-san, Kaa-san
・For children use : Kaa-chan, Mama
・Man of the adult : Ofukuro

<My grandfather>
・Official place : Sofu
・Casual places : Ojii-san, Ojii-chan
・For children to use : Jii-chan, jii

<My grandmother>
・Official place : Sobo
・Casual places : Obaa-san, Obaa-chan
・When children use : Baa-chan, Baa


It’s easy, so let’s use it!