[ Japan of December ]

It became in December.

It became in December.

Are you preparing for the end of the year?
In Japan, we are preparing for the new year.

We will introduce some events in December.

1) Start accepting of a New Year’s card (12/15 ~ 12/25).
Japan Post corporation begins an acceptance of 2017’s New Year’s card.

2) “Touji” (winter solstice) (12/21).
In twenty-four seasonal datum points, December 21th is 22nd point.
In the Northern Hemisphere, “Touji” is that the daytime (from a sunrise to sunset) is shortest in a year.
In Japan, we have a habit of eating pumpkins. And, we take a “Yuzu” (Japanese citron) bath.

3) Emperor’s Birthday (12/23)
It is one of the national holidays of Japan. It is a day to celebrate a birthday of the present Emperor.
The date is December 23 (from 1989).

4) New Year’s Eve (12/31)
It’s the last day this year.
We eat a special meal in family on that day, and celebrate the safety of one year.
Also we have a habit of eating “Toshi-Koshi soba” (New Year’s Eve’s buckwheat noodle).

December has many events.
Was this year a wonderful year?
The end of the year is coming soon!

Start accepting of a New Year's card (12/15 ~ 12/25).  "Touji" (winter solstice) (12/21).  Emperor's Birthday (12/23)(The picture is "Imperial Palace")  "Toshi-Koshi soba" (New Year's Eve's buckwheat noodle).