[Today’s Japanese word “Fuurin”]

"Fuurin" of the glass material

Today’s Japanese word “Fuurin” (Wind bell).

In the summer of Japan, “Fuurin” (wind bell) is a small bell. It is hanged such as the house under the eaves.
“Fuurin” is rung by the wind.

“Fuurin” is made of glass or iron.
The famous “a product made in glass” is “Edo Fuurin”.
The famous “a product made in iron” is “Nanbu-tetsu Fuurin”.
In old days, there was the man who was called “selling wind-bell” in summer.

The sound of “Fuurin” is expressed as the cool sound in Japan.

Long time ago, there was not an air conditioner.
Old Japanese people hear the sound of the “Fuurin”, and they become feel so refreshing.

The sound of “Fuurin”, it is one of the summer feature in Japan.

"Nanbu-Fuurin" is made from iron.  Old fashioned "selling wind-bell"