[Today’s Japanese word “Ohanami”]

“Ohanami” (cherry-blossom viewing)

Today’s Japanese word “Ohanami” (cherry-blossom viewing).
“Ohanami” is mainly to see the cherry blossoms. It is a custom from ancient Japan to congratulate the coming of spring.
We also held this party to see the plum or peach blossoms.
It is said that the origing of Japan’s cherry blossom viewing is event of the aristocracy of the Nara era.
In Nara era, they enjoyed viewing Ume blossoms. But it has changed to cherry blossoms in the Heian era.

By the way, what season will be held “Ohanami”?
The peak of cherry bloom period depends on the place or climate.
Cherry blossom season is between late March and April.
Every spring, many parks get crowded with people to view the cherry blossoms and street stalls.
We enjoy eating and drinking under the bloomed cherry blossoms.

People enjoy “Yozakura” (lit up cherry tree at night).
“Yozakura” is fantastic and very beautiful!
I recommend you to see it.

In Japan, you can drink in public places such as a park.
But, when you enjoy the “Ohanami”, let’s keep the rules of the park.

How is it?
Let’s enjoy the “Ohanami”!
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“Ohanami” (cherry-blossom viewing)  street stalls in “Ohanami” (cherry-blossom viewing) "Yozakura" (lit up cherry tree at night)