[ Today’s Japanese food: “Chirashi-zushi” ]

”Chirashi-zushi” in sushi oke (a wooden bowl for sushi rice).

Today’s Japanese food is “Chirashi-zushi”.

“Chirashi-zushi” is a kind of “sushi”.
“Chirashi” means sprinkling. So, it is a dish that ingredients of the sushi are sprinkled on top of sushi rice (slightly sweetened vinegar rice).

“Chirashi-zushi” is often served in celebration events like “Hina-matsuri”.
The center of “Chirashi-zushi” is decoratively topped with seafood slices, etc..
As for the ingredient, we use the fishery products such as, a tuna, a scallop, a salmon, a cuttlefish, a prawns, an octopus, a salmon roe, a sea urchin, a crabs and an omelet (shredded omelet), sliced ginger are common.
To attach color, the slice of a green perilla, a cucumber, and a boiled field pea are sprinkled.
“sushi cake” is gorgeous and beautiful because it derived from “Chirashi-zushi”.
You can purchase the “Chirashi-zushi” at a sushi store, supermarket and convenience store. Many people eat it for lunch and dinner!
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You can make it at home.  We often eat at events. "Sushi cake".