[ Today’s famous “Sakura” spot-1: “ShibaKoen” @Tokyo ]

Sakura of Shibakoen.

From today, I will introduce some famous spot of “Sakura” in the Kanto area.

And this time, I will introduce “ShibaKoen” (Shiba Park).
You can enjoy about 200 of “sakura” trees including the “Yoshino zakura”, “Yama zakura” (wild cherry tree) and “Sato zakura”.”Tokyo Tower” is colored by a gorgeous “sakura” pink, and looks more beautiful from the “Shibakoen”!
[ Information ] “Shibakoen” (Shiba Park)
■Open: 24 hours open
■Close: No close during the period.
■Fee: free
■Full bloom of the average year:
From the end of March to the beginning of April
1・2・3・4 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
By train: 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro “Mita” line “Shibakoen station”
"Tokyo tower" and sakura.