[ Minatogawa Shrine @ Kobe ]

The main shrine

I introduce “Minatogawa Shrine” as the last one of “Kobe sansya mairi”.
The god of this shrine is Masashige Kusunoki, a commander of samurai who had played an active part in the end of Kamakura period and Nanboku-cho period. He is well known as a man of loyalty and justice. There are his gravestone and a statue of “Mito komon” who respected Masashige very well.

The main shrine is characteristic. It is monotone-colored, and has a solemn atmosphere. Students should visit this shrine to worship for one’s success in studies. Because Masashige had three high virtue; bravery, wisdom and kindness.

If you get success for your study, you should visit this shrine.

[Information] Minatogawa Shrine
Nov-Dec: 6:30~17:30
Jan-Feb: 6:30~18:00
Mar: 6:00~18:30
Apr-May: 5:30~19:00
Jun-Aug: 5:00~19:30
Sep: 5:30~18:30
Oct: 6:00~18:00
3-1-1 Tamondoori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
■TEL: +81-78-371-0001
■URL: http://www.minatogawajinja.or.jp/
3 minutes walk from JR “Kobe station”

"nobori"  “Gosyuin” a statue of "Mito-komon"