[ “Arakurayama Sengen Koen (park)” @ Yamanashi ]

In cherry blossoms season, we look the cherry blossoms, a five story pagoda and Mt.Fuji!

“Arakurayama Sengen Koen” is well known (especially the people in Thailand) among the foreign people as a famous sightseeing spot in Japan.

Though it is famous, I didn’t think the signs on the street were so kind for the tourists, so you might get lost. Actually I got lost while driving and went to the wrong way. The park is located around the private houses, so it doesn’t look like the famous place is really there.

After climbing the stairs under the trees for around 15 minutes from the entrance, you can see a five story pagoda. This is already very spectacular, but you can see a more beautiful spot for taking pictures after climbing a little more.

At the viewpoint, you can see the pagoda with Mt. Fuji, and Fujiyoshida City. In summer, this place is good to rest while taking pictures because the trees provide nice shade.

We saw so many foreign tourists, but only a few Japanese people. If it was a cherry blossoms season, we can see very, very beautiful scene with even more people. This is the typical “Japan” that the foreigners imagine.

[ Information ] Arakurayama Sengen Koen (Park)
■Open: Always
3353-1 Arakura Fujiyoshidashi Yamanashi Pref.
(Fujiyoshida Tourism Promotion Services)
■URL: http://www.city.fujiyoshida.yamanashi.jp/
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cocofuji223
10 minutes walking from “Fuji-kyuko” Line “Shimoyoshida station”
(about 2 hours by train from “Shinjyuku station”)

In early summer.  a five story pagoda