[ “ASHI-YU” (foot bath) -Tokyo FREE spots 2- ]

"ASHI-YU" (foot bath) (image)

Today’s Tokyo FREE spot is “Komorebi no Ashi-yu”.
Have you ever taken “Ashi-Yu”, it means foot bath?

“Ashi-Yu” has the good medical effects, such as recovery from fatigue or mental and physical relaxation.

This place uses residual heat generated from refuse incineration facility.
Also, there are foot massage and hand bath. And about 30 people can use “Ashi-Yu” at once.

If you go to this place, you don’t have to have anything. Because you can buy towels and “Tenugui” (Japanese towels) in there.
And now Japan is so cold, so take “Ashi-Yu” and get warm from foot.

In Japan, there are a lot of “Ashi-Yu”. So if you find the “Ashi-Yu”, please try it!!

[ Information ] “Komorebi no Ashi-yu”
■Open (except every Thursday):
Oct. – Feb. = 9:30~16:00.
Mar. – Sep. = 9:30~16:30.
3-5, Nakajima-machi, Kodaira city, Tokyo.
■TEL: +81-42-346-9535
■URL: http://www.kmy-eiseikumiai.jp/05b_ashiyu.html
Nearest station: Higashi-yamatoshi station.
10 minutes walking from “Seibu Haijima Line””Higashi-yamatoshi station”.

Taking the "Ashi-Yu" (image)