[ Saginomori Shrine @ Kyoto ]

beautiful autumn leaves

There are some beautiful spots at Raku-hoku, norther area of Kyoto. One of the spots, we suggest you visit in autumn Saginomori Shrine, a superb view spot that I keep secret.
The name of the shrine is nice. Long ago, it is said that a large herd of heron with white beautiful wings was inhabited. They are drawn frequently in Japanese arts, picture and paintings as a bird that likes auspicious birds. In Japan, this bird brings good luck.
There is good love chance and life in this origin of shrine. A stone is called “Yaegaki”. It means eight stone’s wall. If you wish for loving wish, you may touch it.

You are relaxing in this shine, enjoy watching the greens leaves and the colored leaves in autumn. In autumn it will fill with beautiful autumn leaves. There are many things that are not listed in many guidebook, and the local people love this place.

“Yaegaki” is related to the “Waka”, traditional Japanese literature during two thousand years. There is old legend as God “Susanoo-no-Mikoto” in the shrine. Yaegaki means eight stones wall. “eight” are auspicious of the spread widely, the numbers that have arrived from the China.

In “Waka”, the stone of “Yaegaki” helped the crisis of the god of a woman. And they are in love and tied after.

In now, wishing for everlasting happiness and good morning, the worshipers have been visiting from the married couple to the eldery couple. And they try to get good connected.

[Information] Saginomori-Jinja Shirine
24H free / 365days
16 Miyanomori-cho, Shugakuin Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-661-3755
Eizan Train: 6 minutes walking from “Shugakuin Station”.
City bus: Please get off at Shogakuin-way road and walk about 6 minutes.

beautiful autumn leaves  "Yaegaki" Saginomori Shrine  Main building of Saginomori Shrine beautiful autumn leaves with woman