[ “Kimuaneppu misaki” : Impressed by the sunset and coral grass @ Hokkaido ]

Glass field in autumn.

The cape slightly sticking out of the southeast of very large Lake “Saloma” in Hokkaido is the “Kimuaneppu misaki”.

It is a superb view point of the Lake “Saloma” which the large lake and sky of 360 degrees can be seen around.
It is famous for the beautiful sunset and the grass field, so this is the greatest spots in Hokkaido for tourists.

Coral grass is grass seen in only damp ground including the salt. Green grass dyes over in red in autumn.

There is the campground which coin shower and kitchen are available to free at the cape.
You can enjoy time for gradation of the sky and the lake of the sunset.

The charm of the “Kimuaneppu misaki” is not only the sunset and grass field.
Here is a treasure house of plants which grew here.
About 50 kinds of flowers are in full bloom, such as “Hamanasu” (Rosa rugosa), “Sendai hagi” (Japanese Lespedeza) and Arctic Iris.

Also, in winter, the swan come to the Lake “Saloma”, and they rest their feather.

It is most suitable to take a walk through nature while looking at the Lake “Saloma”.

[ Information ] “Kimuaneppu misaki” (cape)
■Open: Open throughout year.
Horoiwa, Saroma-town, Tokoro-county, Hokkaido
1)From “Memanbetsu” airport, get on a bus for the “Abashiri” area. Ride for about 30 minutes.
2) Get off at “Abashiri” Station.
3) Ride a taxi for about 1 hour to “Kimuaneppu misaki(cape)”.

Sunset of Lake "Saloma".  Free camp space. Swan resting its wings.  Glass field.