[ Sakura flowering forecast 2016 ]

[ Sakura flowering forecast 2016 ]

Today, we would like to inform about the flowering information of the “Sakura” in 2016.
All of you who will come to Japan soon and who are planning to come to Japan in spring after next year, don’t miss this!

“Sakura” of this year seems to tend in the below.

■In West Japan
Flowering slightly late than usual.

■In North Japan
Flowering slightly early than usual.

■In the west area from Kanto
Flowering is as per every year.
Full bloom is early April.

<“Sakura” flowering forecast day>
1) Tokyo: 3/24 ~
2) Osaka: 3/28 ~
3) Fukuoka: 3/22 ~
4) Nagoya: 3/25 ~
5) Sendai: 4/9 ~
6) Niigata: 4/10 ~
7) Sapporo: 4/30 ~

About 7~10 days from the above day, “Sakura” will be in full bloom.
For several days from today, I will introduce you some famous spot of “Sakura” in the Kanto area.
Please refer to it for the future trip to Japan.

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[ Information ] ■URL: http://sakura.weathermap.jp/ (Only Japanese)