[Today’s Japanese word “Chichino-hi”]

Thank my father!

Today’s Japanese word “Chichino-hi”(Father’s Day)

In Japan, “Father’s Day” is the third Sunday of June every year.

In 1950s, “Father’s Day” began in Japan.
In 1980s, it became a habitual event.
The reason is that the department stores made “Chichino-hi” an event.

By the way, the symbol of “Chichino-hi” is the roses.
Well, the recent popular Japanese “Chichino-hi” gifts rankings…
1st “Unagi”(eel), seafood, seafood
2nd Beer
3rd sweets, Japanese sweets
4th Japanese sake
5th “shochu”

What does your father like?

the picture and gift of "Chichino-hi"  The most Popular "Unagi" (eel) with gift.