This time, I’d like to introduce “Hase dera Temple”.

The Golden Great Buddha is inside of "Kannondo".

You can see the Golden Great Buddha inside of Kannondo.
There is the promenade with a nice view with the tendency of the mountain.
Cityscape and the sea of Kamakura from an observation platform are very
When I went this temple, there were many people taking a picture.
Gold Great Buddha inside is good too!
But you can’t take photo of the Golden Great Buddha.
There is about 10minutes on foot from Kamakura Great Buddha.

[ Information ] Hase-dera Temple
8:00~17:00(Mar. thru Sep.),
8:00~16:30(Oct. thru Feb.)
3-11-2 Hase,Kamakura-City,Kanagawa
■TEL: +81-467-22-6300
■Access: Nearest station: Hase station (60min from Shinjuku station to Fujisawa station by Odakyu Line a limited express. And 30min from Fujisawa station by Enoden.)
5 minutes on foot from Hase station.

Cityscape and the sea of Kamakura.