[Today’s Japanese word “Mikoshi”]

“Mikoshi” (Miniature shrine)

Today’s Japanese word “Mikoshi” (Miniature shrine).
“Mikoshi” is necessary for festival of Japan.

“Mikoshi” is the name of God ride “koshi” (palanquin).
It was used from around the Nara era, and used extensively from the Heian metaphase.

“Mikoshi” has variety of forms. For example, shrine or sacred tree and so on.
The roof of “Mikoshi” has often the marked with phoenix or orb.

By the way, have you seen a “Mikoshi” have been shaken violently?
By shaking violently “Mikoshi”, we increase the power of God and wish for a good harvest and a good catch.

“Mikoshi hollo” has variations.
Its hollo is such as “Wasshoi”, “Essa” and “Soiya”. Mikoshi’s hollo is different by the festival or local.

From now, In Japan, it will be the festival season.
I am looking forward to the festivals!

The roof of "Mikoshi" has often marked with phoenix or orb.