[ “Kikyou Shingen mochi” : Today’s “Wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweet) ]

"Shingen mochi"

Today’s “Wagashi” is “Kikyou Shingen mochi”.
“Shingen mochi” is the Japanese confectionery and it is a kind of the rice cake.

“Kikyouya” is a confectionery maker located in Fuefuki-city, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is producing, as a souvenir cake and “Wagashi”.

It is a processed soft paste rice cake covered with “Kinako” powder (soybean flour powder), serve with black molasses and eat with an attached toothpick.

It is a very delicious attractive “Wagashi”! . Modest sweetness of “Kinako” powder and exquisite sweetness of the black molasses are matched with the rice cake.

It wasn’t a form of current souvenir at first sale.

Originally, big rice cake was processed with soft paste, covered it with “Kinako” powder, served with black molasses and was sold it labeled as “Shingen mochi”.

The form turned into current unit packing as a souvenir afterwards.

"Kikyou Shingen mochi"  "Kikyou Shingen mochi". You serve the black molasses afterward by tube. The package of "Kikyou Shingen mochi".