[ Japanese shaved ice “Kakigori” : Today’s Japanese Sweets ]

“Matcha Kakigori”

Hi, all!
In Japan, summer is going to begin.
Now, it is more than 30 degrees, so it’s hot enough though!
On such a hot day, I want to eat shaved ice!

I think shaved ice is well-known at your country, too. But today, I would like to introduce “Kakigori”.

Japanese shaved ice dessert is called “Kakigori”, and we also put on various types of syrups.

Especially, Japanese like green tea syrup “Matcha Kakigori”.
If you put “azuki” (been) and “shiratama-dango” (simple dumpling) on “Kakigori”, it’s the best!

You can eat it at “Mihashi” (at Tokyo station) or other Japanese sweet cafe.

If you are interested in “Matcha Kakigori”, please do eat it!

“Kakigori” with fruit and condensed milk.  Simple “Kakigori" is also good! It's strawberry syrup. This banner means "We have Kakigori"!