[ Japanese traditional drink: “Mugicha” ]

Many Japanese like "Mugicha".

“Mugicha” (barley tea) is the tea assumed barley raw materials.
It is also called “Mugiyu”. It was drank than green tea from old days.
Japanese like also to drink cold “Mugicha” in hot summer!

It is the tea made from a grain of the wheat which is roasted.
Because a caffeine ingredient is not included like a general tea leaf, it is suitable for an infant drinks.

In the present, making “Mugicha” at home came to rarely boil the granular wheat.
Tea bag (for both hot water and cold water) is often used for now.
For tea bags, we become convenient and economy.

“Mugicha” has various effects unlike other tea, such as the green tea and the oolong tea.

1) Cools the heat of the body
2) Supplement the mineral which is easy to be lost with sweat
3) Having skin-beautifying effect
4) Making the blood in smooth condition
5) Lifestyle disease prevention
6) Cavity protection

“Mugicha” with a can, a plastic bottle to be able to take easily is sold in a convenience store and the supermarket.

When you buy a drink, please try it!

"Mugicha" goes well with any kind of foods.  The tea bag of "Mugicha"