[Today’s Japanese word “Asagao”]

"Asagao" (morning glory).

Today’s Japanese flower is “Asagao” (morning glory).

“Asagao” is one of the very popular plant in Japan.
And, “Asagao” grow up very fastly .
In many elementary school, it may be grown for students’ observation.
In addition, as a plants of the “green curtain” of light-shielding, it has been grown in a lot of public facilities.

“Asagao” has been brought to Japan as the medicine in the Nara era.
In mid of the Edo era, “Asagao” was became popular as an ornamental.
And it was improved to many color and the form.

By the way, “Asagao” was very popular among samurais of the Edo era.
Therefore, a low-class samurai have cultivated it by their side-job.

Every year, “Asagao-ichi” (Morning Glory fair) will be held in July in Iriya (Taito-ku, Tokyo).
In this time, a lot of unique “Asagao” will be sold!

New color "Asagao" in this year.  unique form "Asagao", it name is "kikyo-zaki". "green curtain" made from "Asagao".