[Today’s Japanese Word “Tsukimi”]


Today’s Japanese word “Tsukimi” (viewing the moon).

The “Tsukimi” is to enjoy watching the moon.
Full moon in August 15 of the lunar calendar, it is said to be beautiful.
This moon is particularly referred to as “Jyugo-ya” (full moon night) or “harvest moon”. “Jyugo-ya” is the most beautiful moon.

The second beautiful moon has the name, too. It is a “Jyusan-ya” (Quarter Moon) of September 13 of the lunar calendar.

These are different from the current calendar, because it is the lunar calendar.

By the way, the image of the Japanese “Tsukimi” is a “Dango” (rice dumpling), “Susuki” ( Japanese pampas grass) and “Usagi” (rabbit).
Why is it “Usagi”, “Dango” and “susuki”?

It comes from the offerings of the “Jyugo-ya”. The offering is traditionally “dango”, “susuki” or “Imo” (potato).
In addition, the Japanese people thinks “rabbit make the rice cake in the moon”.
Because we look it as the full moon’s pattern.

By the way, the Japanese people thought egg yolk is similar to “the moon”. Therefore, the raw egg or the fried egg on the cuisine is called “tsukimi”.

For example, it put a raw egg to “Udon” (udon noodle) and “soba” (buckwheat).
They are called “Tsukimi-Udon” (noodles with an egg) and “Tsukimi-soba” (soba with an egg).

And, major hamburger shop sell a fried egg with hamburgers.
The name is “Tsukimi burger”. It’s a limited menu of autumn.

Well, this year’s “Jyugo-ya” is September 15.
It is very rare for “Jyugo-ya” to overlap on September 15!

Let’s enjoy “Tsukimi” of this year!

"Tsukimi Dango" (rice dumpling)  "Tsukimi burger"