[ Ikuta Shrine @ Kobe, Hyogo ]

Ikuta Shrine

I introduce “Ikuta Shrine” at Kobe, Hyogo Pref. The goddess “Wakahirume-no-mikoto” is believed to be a younger sister of the famous Goddess “Amaterasu-oomikami”. She is the god of love.

There is a pond behind the main shrine called as “Ikuta” forest. Long time ago, many wars were taken in this area. And you can feel some powers that remain here in the air.

You can try the water written oracle that would be a very unique experience.
By floating a paper on the water, a result comes out in the heart shaped blanks which are categorized into color, wish, business and place. The results is likened to cherry blossoms in there, for example “~ percent in bloom”. If the paper is dried, the results will be gone. You can see it over and over again by wetting it. Please have fun with your friends praying for a romantic love!

[Information] Ikuta Shrine
7:00 to sunset
1-2-1 Shimoyamatedoori Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Pref.
■TEL: +81-78-321-3851
■URL: http://www.ikutajinja.or.jp/language/english.html
■Access: 10-minutes walking from “Sannomiya station”

the water written oracle  "goshuin" of Ikuta Shrine