[ “Ryu-hyo” (Drift ice) @ Hokkaido ]


“Ryu-hyo” is ice drifting on the surface of the water.
“Ryu-hyo” is an ice except ice taking root in the land. It includes a sea ice which seawater freezes, an iceberg and a river ice.

Overlapped drift ice are washed ashore on the shore by north wind. It makes the form like a small hill. It is called “Hyo-kyu” (hummocked ice).

There are the earless seals doing child care on drift ice, because there are few natural enemies in sea.
Also, there are many creatures preying on the plankton such as “Clione” (sea angel) under the drift ice.

In Japan, you can see drift ice of the Sea of Okhotsk at “Shiretoko” or “Abashiri” in Hokkaido northeast bank.

The pier time of coming alongside of “Ryu-hyo” is from the middle of January to the beginning of February.
Though it is cold, the Hokkaido sightseeing of this time is recommended.

the earless seal on "Ryu-hyo"  Clione "Gull"