[ AOMORI vol.2 – Japanese prefecture introduction – No.2 ]

Oirase mountain stream

Wednesday, I introduce several special products, famous places and more.

1) “Hirosaki Castle”
Hirosaki castle is famous of cherry blossom in Japan. If you will visit here, I recommend visiting from late April to early May.. In this season, you may see “Hana-ikada”; it is a petal floating on the surface of the water, or the name of the plant. It is beautiful!

2) “Oirase mountain stream”
“Oirase mountain stream” is one of the most popular tourist attractions in AOMORI.
There is the promenade to walk in the forest, it is 14km.
Sound of river spreading is comfortable. You may be healing and refreshed.
And near Oirase mountain stream, there is “Onsen” (hot spring). You should go there by walking.

3) “AOMORI Nebuta festival”
“AOMORI Nebuta festival” is the feature of summer in AOMORI, held from August 2nd to 7th every year.
About 3 million tourists including the foreigner come to see Nebuta. To carry a Nebuta is needed about 100 people. It seems to be powerful and exciting!

I’m pleased that this article is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Hirosaki castle and cherry blossom.  AOMORI Nebuta festival