[ Think Airport is boring? You are totally wrong HANEDA AIRPORT @ Tokyo ]

Nihonbashi bridge simulation

Would you like a brief taste of Japan in just one place? Food, drinks, sweets, souvenir or music performances? Japanese traditional architecture simulation or airplane rooftop view? Feeling excited already? Then let’s explore “Haneda international air terminal”!

Have you ever heard of Nihonbashi (日本橋, literally “Japan Bridge”)? It is a city district of Tokyo, just north of Ginza and northeast of Marunouchi and Tokyo Station. At Haneda international airport, you can experience this bridge simulation and actually walk over it (or under it)!!

Walking over the bridge, and what will you expect? Beautiful view of red lanterns and Japanese architecture!

And that is not all of the story. Edo-village style is waiting for you (Edo is the period between 1603 and 1868 in Japan history). Food, drinks, souvenir and even music performances! So take time and enjoy your stay!

Is walking around make you tired? We recommend one of the best udon and surprisingly big bowls and spoons here at “Tsurutontan”.

Finally, would you like to grasp some fresh air and fantastic view of the whole airport? Rooftop floor is welcoming you! (Observation decks are open from 6:30 – 22:00)

[ Information ] Haneda International Airport
■Open: Year around
Most kiosks open from 6am to 22pm. See here for detailed time table:
4-3 Haneda-Kuko, 2-Chome, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 144, Japan
■TEL: + 81-03-5757-8111
■URL: http://www.haneda-airport.com/
1/Rail transport (terminal 1, 2) is provided by Keihin, Kyuko and Tokyo monorail
Keikyu services: from Shinagwa, Statin and Yokohama stations.
Tokyo monorail: 16 minutes from Hamamatsucho station
2/Bus service: from Haneda airport to Tokyo station: 40 minutes (delays are expected)

Edo-village style street  udon at "Tsurutontan".  Rooftop floor
東京都大田区羽田空港2丁目4-3,羽田空港 国際線ターミナル