[Today’s Japanese Food: “Datemaki”]


Today’s Japanese food is “Datemaki”.

Japanese people have a tradition of eating a meal called “Osechi” during the New Year. This meal is eaten to pray for the good harvest for the year. The “Osechi” can preserved, because the ladies can rest for the first three days of the year.

There are multiple layers of containers. There are different foods in each layers. There are stewed black bean, herring roe, sweetened chestnut, “Datemaki”, seafood, and stewed vegetables.

Today, I will introduce “Datemaki” in “Osechi”. “Datemaki” is the sweetened egg roll. We use minced fish and egg when making “Datemaki”. Normally, egg roll has a rectangular shape but “Datemaki” is like a Swiss roll with wavy texture on the surface.

There are some saying for the name of “Datemaki”. Firstly, “Da-te” in Japanese means rich and gorgeous, “Datemaki” is very outstanding because of the yellow color, therefore, it is thought to be called “Datemaki”. “Da-te” also means fashionable and outstanding. There is also a kimono belt called “Datemaki” as well.

If you happen to spend your New Year in Japan, I strongly suggest you to try “Datemaki”.

"Datemaki", stewed black bean, and "Kohaku-namasu" (red-and-white salad).  "Osechi"