[Today’s Japanese word “Takuhai-bin”]

“Takuhai-bin”(home delivery service)

Today’s Japanese word “Takuhai-bin” (home delivery service).

In Japan, “Takuhai-bin” is very extensive.
“Takuhai-bin” in Japan began in 1927.
And in 1997, the whole country network including remote islands was completed.

Well, I will introduce some services of “home delivery service” in Japan. And, surprisingly these are free!.

1) Receiving date and time.
You can specify the time you want to receive luggage.
This is specified when shipping the luggage.

2) redelivery.
If you absence at the time of delivery, they will leave “Undeliverable item notice”.
In “Undeliverable item notice”, it is listed about “When” and “from whom” .
And “Undeliverable item notice” has contact information for redelivery receipt.
You will contact the redelivery service on the internet or phone.
“Time designation” is possible at the time of re-delivery.
And this service is also free!

3) Cash on delivery / / the service of collecting money.
You will pay shipping fee and item price when you receive the items.

4) Transfer service.
This is mainly a service of Japan Post and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd..
After your moving, they forward the old baggage for the old address to the new address for 1year.
For this, notification to them is necessary.

How is it?
There are many other services as well.
The Japanese home delivery is very convenient.

"Undeliverable item notice"  Cash on delivery tag ("Tyaku-barai")