[ Japanese word: ” YUKATA ” ]

“YUKATA” girl

Today’s Japanese word is “YUKATA”.
“YUKATA” is One of Japan’s traditional national costume from ancient times.
A “YUKATA” is a casual clothing usually worn in summer.
In today, lots of people wearing “YUKATA” are seen at summer festivals in Japan.
You can find various kinds of “YUKATA” for girls such as like dresses with lace frills, like short skirts.
The price is usually reasonable, so some people get them as souvenirs for foreigners.
It’s easier to wear “YUKATA” than “kimono”, and you can wear them by yourself.
If you want to wear “YUKATA”, there are some shops to experience wearing “YUKATA”.
You should try it!!

Back side of "YUKATA"  ”YUKATA”Set