[ The Japanese food “SOBA” ]

"Hiyashi-Tempura-Soba" (Cold type).

Today’s Japanese food is “SOBA”.
“SOBA” is Japanese brown noodles made from buckwheat flour.
We eat “SOBA” in cold or hot. We eat cold “SOBA”, we dip the “SOBA” in a strong kelp-based sauce. We eat hot “SOBA” with a thin kelp-based soup.
There is a lot of kind of “SOBA” menu you can eat in Japan.
Example, ”Tempura-SOBA”(topped with tempura),
“Kake-SOBA”(topped with thinly sliced scallion),
“Tsukimi-SOBA”(topped with raw egg),
“Mori-SOBA”(basic chilled soba) ,
“Zaru-SOBA”(topped with shredded nori seaweed) and so on.
“Dashi”(kelp-based soup) is extremely delicious!! Please have a try.
I really recommend the hot “SOBA” in a cold day.
You can get warm body and soul.

"Oden-Soba" (Hot type).  "Soba and Tonkatsu Dish" with croquette.