[ Today’s Japanese food: “Hanami-Bento” ]

Gorgeous "Hanami-Bento".

Today’s Japanese food is “Hanami-Bento” (flower viewing lunch).
“Hanami-Bento” is a lunch box we eat at “Hanami” (viewing the flowers) .
In Japan, we go to “Hanami” with family and friends, and each brings “Hanami-Bento” to share with them.
Also, there is the way of enjoying that order the “Hanami-Bento” which Japanese restaurants made in an elaborate way.
As for the menu of the lunch box, “Inari-zushi” (rice is wrapped in fried bean curd), rolled sushi and an “tamago-yaki” (rolled egg omelette) were constant dishes from old days.

Most Japanese like “Hanami”, and there is a long time custom to dish up “Hanami-Bento” gorgeously.
They all look very delicious and there is an well-balanced choice!

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“Inari-zushi" and rolled sushi with dumplings.  Each brings "Hanami-Bento" to share with family or friends The lunch under the "sakura" tree is special!