[ Today’s “Wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweet): “Ichigo Daifuku” ]

"Ichigo Daifuku"

Today’s “Wagashi” is “Ichigo Daifuku” (Rice cakes stuffed with strawberries).
“Ichigo daifuku” is a “Wagashi” made in late Showa era. Strawberry is stuffed inside the “daifuku” (rice cake) with “anko” (sweetened bean jam). Depending on manufacturers, there is a type of product that a strawberry is on the “daifuku”.
Also, the kind of a strawberry stuffed inside varies according to manufacturers.
About the “anko”, it is classified roughly in the area using a red adzuki bean jam or a white bean jam.

In addition, there are products only using strawberry, and there are also products using strawberry and fresh cream instead of using “anko”.
“Ichigo daifuku” is a “Wagashi” full of variety.

It is often sold as a limited product in a season from winter to spring, because strawberries which are perishables are used.

You can purchase this at the convenience store, please try it if you come to Japan in winter.

There is ”Ichigo daifuku" of the type that a strawberry is sand in, too.  There is ”Yomogi” (mugwort) colored "Ichigo daifuku", too.