[ Special feature of Japan Medicine-2: “Kyusoku jikan” ]

Fragrance of five kinds of herb and the refreshing feel smell.

Secondary to the other day, I introduce a medical care product popular towards the foreigners in Japan.

I introduce “Kyusoku jikan” to you today.
“Kyusoku jikan” is a cooling gel sheet, which let the foot refreshing.
After standing work or sports, if you put it on the part like “calf”, “ankle” and “soles” where you want to feel fine, you can refresh the foot.
It fits to your skin, and it won’t peel off even if you put it on through the night.
When temperature is hot, comfortableness increases when you cool it!

Please use it for trial, if you come to Japan.
You can take off the tiredness of walking in your travel!

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”Kyusoku jikan” refreshing sheet.