[ Japan of November ]

“Tori-no-ichi” (11/11 and 11/23 in this year)

It became in November.

Autumn leaves began in various places.
It begins to snow in a high mountain and the north area.

We will introduce some events in November.

1) Beginning to sell of the New Year’s card (11/1).
Japan Post Co., Ltd. will start to sell the New Year’s greetings postcard of 2017.

2) “Bunka-no-hi” ( Culture Day) (11/3).
“Bunka-no-hi” (Culture Day) is one of Japan’s national holiday. This day is the day that the Constitution of Japan was promulgated.
“Culture Day” is commemoration of it.

3) “Tori-no-ichi” (11/11 and 11/23 in this year).
“Tori-no-ichi” is a traditional celebration since the Edo era, it is performed every year in November.
Lots of “Engi-kumade” (auspicious rake) are sold in this festival.

4) “Shichi-go-san” (11/15).
“Shichi-go-san” is one of the traditional events of Japan. It is mainly carried out on November 15.
parents celebrate the growth of the children and pray for the health and the future happiness of their children.

November has many traditional events.
The end of the year is coming soon!
Will you become busy?

Beginning to sell of the New Year's card (11/1)  “Bunka-no-hi” (Culture Day) (11/3) "Shichi-go-san" (11/15)