[Japanese casual accessory @ scrunchie with Japanese Traditional cloth ]

Japanese pattern Scrunchie

Hi, everyone!
Are you wondering to make many hairstyle everyday?
In summer, we have many scenes making ponytail hair style.
At such time, I like to use a scrunchie!

“scrunchie” is simple to use, and price is also reasonable.
I like to use the “scrunchie” with Japanese traditional cloth.
It makes the charming Japanese hairstyle easily.

By the way, “scrunchie” can also use other ways than hair accessories.
For example, the bag’s charm, book’s rubber band, etc..
Casual “scrunchie” is wonderful.

Today, I will share the site of the favorite “scrunchie of Japanese Traditional Cloth”.

If you don’t mind, please have a look.

scrunchie hair style  bag's charm  book's rubber band